You light up my life.

You’re right.  I apologize.  I screwed up.  It was a stupid thing to do.  Especially in front of children.  I wasn’t thinking.  There was very little thought involved, actually.  It just happened.  I’d been drinking and it seemed like a good idea.

The kids loved it.  Seriously.  They were laughing their little asses off.  We were having a ball.  I was doing them a favor.  I was taking their minds off the six inches of snow we weren’t getting.  Damned weathermen.  They get the kids all riled up with their talk of sleds and snowmen, only to smash their snowy little dreams to bits with a cold rain and a power outage.  They say blizzard, I say bullshit.

We were having fun.  Don’t tell me you’ve never done it.  I can tell by looking at you.  You’ve got a wild streak.  I bet you’ve fired up your share.  Admit it.  Anyway, go ask your kid and she’ll tell you.  It was a blast.  Until the cops came.

I’m sorry.  Teaching twelve year-olds to run from the police is probably not considered responsible parenting.  It was an error in judgment, a momentary lapse of reason.  It should not have happened.  Your kid’s fast as hell, by the way.

And who knew the cops would chase you down over a fucking bottle-rocket?

Anyway, I apologize.  It’ll never happen again.

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