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Can’t buy me love.

band trip

No.  I do not want to buy a candy bar.  I do not want to buy Girl Scout cookies.  I don’t want to buy coupon books, pizza kits, picture frames, Christmas ornaments, photo packages, cheese logs, fruits, nuts, or raffle tickets.  I refuse to buy your crap.  Fuck you.  And fuck your kid’s band trip. […]

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The space between.


Back up.  Just back the fuck up.  This is my side of the desk.  This is my chair.  This is my space.  Back the fuck up.  Fucking leprechaun. There are two sides to this desk.  This is my side.  My side includes mydrawers,  my chair,  my monitor,  my pencil holder,  my keyboard,  my tape dispenser,  my telephone,  my stapler,  my coffee cup,  and my stack of unorganized paperwork.  Interesting, isn’t it?  Everything on my side of the desk […]

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