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Space oddity.

we are not family

I appreciate your concern.  I do.  I can sense your sincerity.  It’s nice to know I’ll be missed.  But try to hug me again and I will break your fucking arm.  Seriously. We are not friends.  We are not family.  Yes, we are bound together by crap wages, a lousy working atmosphere, an unreasonable dress […]

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My baby thinks she’s a train.

printer girl

Don’t flatter yourself.  This is not a career.  You choose a career.  You make a career move.  A career is deliberate.  It’s on purpose.  It involves thought.  This is a job.  You take a job.  You lose a job.  Jobs are like pennies.  This job is a bad penny.  And getting worse. Your enthusiasm is beginning to piss […]

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